Ida and Holstein aren't the best employees, but the guests do love them.

We are an owner/occupied homestay, some refer to us as mini boutique bed and breakfast. We call it home and we enjoy being your hosts at DeSoto Tudor on Capitol Hill. We know what it is like to travel, it becomes very routine and sometimes very mundane. Our goal is to provide accommodations for the discriminating traveler, one that is looking for more than a big box hotel room. We welcome the guest’s interaction; it gives us the chance to meet our guests, however we do respect our guest’s privacy. This allows us the chance to create new friendships along the way!

You will also be greeted by our two cats, Holstein (Holey) and Ida. Holey is very gregarious and you will see him often, while Ida is more of a one-person kitty (Vince's baby). Your suite has a sliding glass barn door - just keep it closed if you don't want visitors.

We will insure you that you are provided with the finest conceivable experience, it is important to us to know that our guests had a positive experience while staying with us.